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Readercon Schedule!

Oh, uh, hi Livejournal, how you been?

Right, so. A few years back I started working on the Program Committee for Readercon. Then I joined the Concom. Then I ended up on the Board. Now I'm in charge of the programming this year. It starts tomorrow. Hi. I am quietly freaking out. Everything is ready and good and will be amazing, and people looking at the program have been saying very nice things about how exciting it is! I am going to throw up.

Anyway! I myself am on some panels this year because that's what happens. If you are going and would like to try to find me, MOSTLY I will be a short blur with blue hair, but here are some things I am guaranteed to be at.

Friday, July 11:
12:00 PM CO Welcome to Readercon Kip Manley, Graham Sleight, Romie Stott, Emily Wagner (moderator)
Tropes, "reading protocols," "the real year" of a book, "slipstream" fiction, "fantastika," "intrusion fantasy": Readercon panel blurbs (and hallway conversations) borrow vocabulary from a wide range of sources that new attendees may not have encountered. Veterans of other conventions may also be wondering where the costumes and filkers are. Readercon regulars and concom members provide a newcomer's guide to Readercon's written policies and well-worn habits as well as a rundown of our favorite critical… um... tropes.
This may be extra hilarious because it's my first time doing it. And I made Kip be on it because I thought having a Readercon newbie would help us with our assumptions of what people do and don't know about us.

1:00 PM F Book Recommendations from Professional Readers Adam Lipkin, Sofia Samatar (leader), Liza Groen Trombi, Emily Wagner
Booksellers, librarians, and book reviewers specialize in helping readers find and appreciate books new and old. This panel will let such folks tell you about the recent and upcoming titles they're excited about, and help you discover books you'll likely love. Do you adore Octavia Butler, "Sherlock" fanfic, and Tolstoy ... but don't know what to read next? Let these professionals help you find your next favorite book!
I was going to be good and *not* be on this but then someone dropped out and really, how could I not? This is my actual job.

Saturday, July 12
1:00 PM ENL The Works of Andrea Hairston Ken Houghton (leader), Mikki Kendall, Emily Wagner
In her career Andrea Hairston has worked magic with her ability to create experiences. Although many of her works might be categorized as genre fiction, she's transcended such boundaries again and again. Hairston's work as a playwright and a professor have clearly influenced her stories until it becomes something in which a reader can fully immerse themselves. In Mindscape she wove together a complex tapestry of cross cultural conflict as well as human reactions to change wrought by an unknown outside force. In Redwood and Wildfire, Hairston orchestrated a tale with its own music intermingling with a historical perspective that often goes unheard. Reshaping the expected approaches to science fiction and fantasy, Hairston grounds her tales in traditions beyond the expected European structures. She brings the rich cultural and social diversity of the African diaspora into her work at every turn. And through all of her works shines her talent for theater, for being a true Griot sharing truth via fiction while invoking the magic of language, and the wonder that it can bring to our lives. These elements working in concert provide a consistently high level of reader interaction—and reader delight!—that we can only hope to do justice to in this panel.

3:00 PM G The Booty Don't Lie: A Cheeky Discussion of Butts in Literature Amal El-Mohtar (leader), Mikki Kendall, Julia Starkey, Vinnie Tesla, Emily Wagner
This panel is about butts. Fundamentally divisive, throughout history the humble buttocks has often found itself at the intersection of concerns about gender, sexuality, race, and truly terrible puns. This gameshow-style discussion of butts in literature and popular culture promises to be deep, probing, and entertaining in equal measure; join us in reasoning a posteriori.

And of course at 8pm Saturday night I'll be at the Miscellany! This is a very cool performance we're putting on to benefit worthy causes, so please come and be generous if you can.

Sunday, July 13
2:00 PM F Making Readercon More Accessible Sarah Smith (leader), Emily Wagner
In the best of all possible worlds, in addition to being a safe gathering space, Readercon would also be an accessible and inclusive gathering space for all attendees. What can we each, in our different roles, do to get closer to that state? Join members of Readercon's concom as we talk about what Readercon is doing to improve issues of access for everyone, and as we listen to your concerns and suggestions about what we can do to make Readercon better.

And of course, the feedback session at 3. If you're looking at the full program and cursing me because there are too many things you want to do at the same time, I ASSURE YOU it's as bad or worse for me. When Sunday is over I expect to sleep for about a week.

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