Emily (emilytheslayer) wrote,


AAAAAAAA there is so much to do just at our house and it's THIS WEEK aaaaaaaaa.

*ahem* Ok. So. I will be at Readercon pretty much the entire time. If you need me, I recommend text or email. If you see me I may appear to be a brightly-colored blur on my way to the next thing, especially considering that the program has me wishing I could be in 4 places at once. Please do not let this stop you from stopping me to say hi. Please do invite me to meals, otherwise I may forget. Stefan will also be a bit blurry, I suspect, as he's doing sign shop and treasurer duties.

Umm. What am I forgetting? Probably lots of things. IDK. I'm not on any programming to tell you about, I just want to GO to everything.


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