Emily (emilytheslayer) wrote,

Walking for Prevention

Ok, OK, I've been bad about this and putting it off because this is really hard still. But I've waited until it's almost too late and I really want to make this a thing, so hi.

This time last year, a good friend of mine killed himself. He was a good man, had a wife and a housemate and friends who loved him, and none of us saw this coming. Mental illness and suicide are still so misunderstood and stigmatized and he didn't ask for help when he should have, and something awful happened, and we will never understand why or exactly what did happen. It's not fair, and it will never be ok, and because of this, we are walking in the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention Out of the Darkness Community Walk on October 10th. You can sponsor me here, or you can sponsor my teammates. Yes, we are Team Monkey Hugs. Wyatt had a serious love of monkeys and was always ready with a hug, so we thought it made sense. :) This is our second year doing it, and the walk is for raising money for understanding and prevention, and the walk is for exposure to the issue and raising awareness and all of that too, but you know what? A big part of it for me is the fact that we get a chance to see this huge surge of people, all of whom have been affected by the suicide of someone they loved. That sucks, on the one hand, but on the other hand it's so amazing to know that we aren't alone in this, and we can see some of the stigma go away just by talking and sharing the stories of the people we loved who didn't know they could ask for help, or didn't know where to go for that help, or whatever it is that happened.

I know times are tough right now, I don't have a job either, you know? So please don't think I'm trying to guilt anyone or won't be your friend if you can't donate, I understand that for some people it's just not an option. If it is an option though, if you have even a couple of bucks you can throw at us for this, I'd appreciate it. I'm going to be pushing this kind of hard until the walk, just to make sure people see it, but seriously, if you can't donate, just tune it out, I'm not going to be upset at all. I would also ask that you spread the word for me whether you can donate or not.

And please remember that it's ok to ask for help when you need it, because I never want to go through this pain again.

Donate here.

Thank you.


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