Emily (emilytheslayer) wrote,

Charity Pimping

So, hi, I've been kind of a crap lj friend lately, what with the not posting and not much commenting and all that, but I am reading and if you're going through a tough time I am almost certainly thinking about you, even if I don't say anything. So consider this a blanket *hugs*, 'k?

I have more to say about that, but later. Right now, I want to talk about Movember, which is a charity drive that I don't entirely understand, but it looks pretty cool. standrewsfall and her boyfriend are doing it, and she is a cool person that I know from some communities. The best explanation is just to go here and read about what they're doing, but it's about raising money for prostate cancer, and even more about raising awareness for men's health issues, which part of my brain wants to go "right, those poor oppressed men with their health issues that get politicized and oh WAIT" but the truth is that there's still kind of a stigma about men going to the doctor, and not wanting to admit when they're sick, and a HUGE thing about men not admitting to depression, which at the moment, is something kinda heavy on my mind. So for that, I apparently write ridiculous run on sentences as a show of support.

So, yeah, Movember, go check it out?
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