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Wow. This weekend was very very full, in some odd ways. I r scheduling Tetris master.

Friday I worked, then we met up with people at Super 88 for dinner, to celebrate a visit from doogs19. Very nice to see you, sir! After dinner in the food court, we went to Do Re Mi for karaoke, which was way fun, and I totally want to go back. I really enjoyed rockin' out with everyone.

Saturday we had some errands to run in the morning, then we were pretty free until dinner time. You may have noticed a post indicating that Saturday was jeffwik's birthday, and his dad was in town, and our friends from college, marie_red, shaquanda36, and their 18 month old daughter Katie came down from NH. The original plan was that the three of them were going to drive to a commuter rail station, and take a train into North Station, where the four of us would meet them, and we'd all have dinner in that area. Then they changed their minds and decided they would just drive to North Station, which really wouldn't have changed the plans much, except that Jeff's dad pointed out that this is not really a fun area to drive to in Boston. So we convinced them instead to drive to our house, where they could park, and we went to pick up Jeff and dad, and when everyone was at our house we walked down to Moody St and had dinner at one of the 15 Indian restaurants there. This turned in to a bit of an adventure, because the restaurant was apparently having trouble with the fan in the kitchen, so the fire alarm kept going off, and the fire truck kept coming to turn it off. Katie did remarkably well under the circumstances, but she's tiny, and it was loud, and she did eventually get scared, which led to us all clapping whenever we got her to sit in her chair. She likes it when we clap for her.

After dinner there was ice cream at Lizzey's, then the walk back home, where we all hung out for a bit, before J and M took Jeff and his dad back to Somerville, and lynxreign took me over to House Gojirawitz (it was about 10 pm at this point) so that I could cook frozen lasagna for the Team Venture Blogathonners. Man, they sure liked that lasagna. I also got to practice restating things in a more encouraging way for shadesong, who was having some trouble around 2 or 3. Sample:
'Song: How much longer?
Me: 7 hours.
S: That is unacceptable.
M: Ok, you have two three hour sessions and one one hour session. Is that better?
S: *thinks* Actually, yes!

S: Can it be 5:30?
M: Yes. In 3 and a half hours.
S: Can you make it be 5:30 now?
M: No, but I can promise you a shiny new pony if you keep going, and if by "pony" I mean "cup of coffee?"
*Team Venture members at the dining room table dissolve into giggles.*

So yeah, I was there trying to help keep people sane until about 3, when lynxreign, who is a saint, came and got me. Crashed out hard as soon as we got home, let me tell you internets.

Sunday morning, well, LATER Sunday morning, get up, go to brunch for Day 2 of jeffwik's birthday celebration. This was the big one, with as many people from our groups around here as I could gather, and it was a blast. We went to Sidney's, in the Hotel MIT, because they have an excellent brunch buffet, and because I knew they could handle a crowd like us, and they did not disappoint. So. Good.

After brunch we ran a couple of quick errands, then came home and collapsed again, and now we're just hanging out.

Good weekend, but I have a sore throat (from karaoke) and a borked sleep schedule. Worth it!
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