September 7th, 2012

rainbow dash is fierce


So my re-entry from Worldcon has been rough. I'm trying to briefly break my caffeine addiction, for a lot of reasons, which means the past two days I have been completely without it. Which means lots of headaches and basically wanting to do nothing but sleep. Today though, today I could not do this. Today has been remarkably productive, and I am going to tell you about it so later I don't get into that trap of looking around the house and going "maaaaan I didn't get anything done today and I am the Worst."

-I had to get up super early (ok 6am which is my normal time on work days but I've been getting up at like, 10 or 11 or whenever) so I could take my car to the dealership. Needed an oil change and for them to fix my flat tire, which had a screw in it. This is not as much of a hardship as it may sound, as hanging out at our local Toyota dealership is actually rather pleasant if you can tune out the giant, constantly blaring tv. They have unlocked wifi, put out little pastries and bagels and fresh fruit for the taking, and there's a fancy coffee machine. The kind where you pick packets and throw them in there and it makes you something fancy. Watching people work this machine out for the first time is kind of hilarious. I mean, I feel them, it's confusing for something that tells you exactly what to do. Anyway I broke my caffeine fast because I can not resist the allure of playing with that machine. Also the Milky Way Swirl cappuccino it makes is pretty damn good. Two hours at the dealership meant plenty of time to fuck around on Twitter, plus some time to read the new Fairyland book (catvalente gave me an ARC at Worldcon, yayyyyyyy!) which also meant attempting not to cry in public. If you read the first one, I'm not saying the second one does a recap at the beginning or anything, but something about getting back into that world and hanging out with September again meant Mallow's story came rushing back all at once and I was like "hHHNNNNNNGGGGGGG". Anyway car is taken care of for a bit longer. Need to get a new inspection done and spark plugs replaced soon, but other than that I should be ok for a while.

-On the way home I stopped at the store to get some ingredients to make salsa. Also chips, to eat the salsa.

-Also I stopped at the post office to mail in our voter registration cards, because we hadn't switched when we moved.

-Got home, made a really lovely cooked salsa. I started with this recipe but used a few cups of the cherry tomatoes I grew, also I put in an onion, also I used more garlic. Oh, and two jalapenos instead of one, and also 2 cheyenne peppers. I like it to have *some* heat, jeeze. Anyway it came out ridiculously amazing and good. I ate what wouldn't fit in the jar and put the rest in the fridge, and I have to keep it there at least long enough to let lynxreign taste it. Looking back through that the onion is actually the only thing that went into the salsa that I didn't grow, which I'm pleased by.

-Before the salsa I harvested more cherry tomatoes, sprayed the tomato plants with the anti-mildew stuff again (because *siiiiighh*) and watered the garden.

-Finished my laundry, which means getting stuff out of the dryer and putting it all away, and running a load of the handwash stuff, and getting that load laid out to dry.

-Checked out Unfuck Your Habitat, something I'd been meaning to do for a while. I don't want to follow the tumblr or the twitter because I don't feel like that will be useful for me, but I did download the iPhone app and I think that might be good. I use to try to do FlyLady but I always hated how sanctimonious she is. Also the gendered stuff there really bugs me.

-Once I had the app I went back into the basement, turned on the 20/10 timer, and started working on the yarn closet. We went to the Container Store not too long ago and got me stackable plastic baskets for the closet, so I could finally get my yarn out of the boxes we'd moved it all in over a year ago, and I knew pretty much how it was going to go, and now it's finally getting there. I cleared off the shelves a little at a time so I could add more baskets as I filled them, and I emptied 5 boxes. Not everything from those boxes is put away, there was a lot of sorting into a different box for when I got through with the spinning fiber and the sock yarn (the sock yarn gets 4 of these baskets. There is still more sock yarn, because the special club yarns need to be separate. It's an issue that I am aware of, thank you). This is where the entry got eaten by my bad wifi connection, and I don't remember what else I had to say about the closet.

Anyway, now I'm trying to figure out what the hell is up with my laptop's wifi card, and also typing this, and trying to convince myself that moving to the couch and working on my sock-in-progress is still unfucking *something* and is also actually vital to my mental health and well-being.

Oh and Sunday we're going kayaking in the Boston Harbor and I'm so excited I almost don't know what to do with myself.