July 22nd, 2008

grammar crisis!

Three items, of variable interest and importance

Item 1: Why is LJ being so damn slow? WRY?

Item 2: No really, I'm working on an Origins post, I promise. But this is not it.

Item 3, the reason for posting at all: THIS IS IMPORTANT.

You may have heard or seen me mention shadesong's Fantastical Blogathon 2008 Adventure, but I'm writing about it now because it's time to go bid on auctions. Auctions? Yes, auctions. 'Song collected 58 handmade items from artists and crafty people, put them all on eBay, and will be writing flash fiction about each item from the perspective of a psychometric xenoarchaeologist examining artifacts from the last days of Earth. Which sounds pretty cool, IMO.

Anyway, you can sponsor her directly for the writing, or you can bid on stuff at the eBay auctions, but please do consider this. All proceeds go the the Boston Area Rape Crisis Center, who are an amazing group working to help survivors of rape and abuse, and actively working at prevention to start nipping sexual abuse in the bud. She's written more about what they're doing here, if you're interested.

Lots of neat jewelry in the auctions, including a piece by kythryne of Wyrding Studios, a bootleg cd from s00j, a painting from sweetevangeline, a poster from ultra_lilac (which is super hot, BTW), and, oh yeah, I knitted a couple of things. Some baby booties that I like a lot and a lace cowl that was really fun to make and is really nice and shiny in person.

So go! Bid! Raise money for a super cause!

This ends your PSA for the day.